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Essences of Astronism

Meta-Astronist theory involving manifestations and orientations of Astronism

by Astronist Institution

Last updated: JAN. 9, 2020


The Vendox is the principal symbol representing Astronism and Astronists.

There are three principal beliefs in Astronism known as cosmocentrism (which is the religion's worldview), cosmosis, and astrosis. 

The Essences of Astronism is a post-omnidoxical Meta-Astronist theory of Cometanic origin that initially denoted the existence of four manifestations and two orientations of the way in which Astronism could exist.  

The Essences of Astronism emerged out of a series of events known as affectuations which are types of events that cause significant impact on the way in which initially Cometan and later the wider Astronist Institution operated. These events are typically unforeseen and devastating on the operations of the Institution.



The manifestations of Astronism are the processes considered to be applicable to the existence of Astronism and the way in which it is able to manifest in the world. These manifestations include digitalisation, physicalisation, conceptualisation, and intellectualisation and each of which has its own distinct history. 

Conceptualisation involves the development of any type of conceptual classified as part of Astronism. These manifested themselves as through the ideations and revelations of Cometan initially and later emerged through the Institutional department of New Concept Development. Therefore, conceptualisation was the first of the manifestations of Astronism. 

Digitalisation and intellectualisation are tied as the second manifestations of Astronism to have occurred due to the fact that their beginnings cannot be pinpointed and that they most likely occurred simultaneously following initial conceptualisations. Digitalisation involves the process in which Astronism is expressed and presented on digital or virtual platforms, such as on website, social media channels, and in other digital media like videos. Meanwhile, intellectualisation is the process in which Astronism 

Physicalisation is the manifestation of Astronism considered to have occurred chronologically last out of all four manifestations. This process involves the express of Astronism through physical means, such as an event, a building, a rendition, or a physical intellectual product, such as a printed book, magazines, or newspapers. 


The orientations of Astronism are the two processes relating to the way in which Astronism is directed in its operations. These include internalisation and externalisation. Internalisation is a process in which the Astronist Institution focused on the production of its own content while externalisation is a process in which the Astronist Institution relies upon external organisations to develop and provide a platform for Astronist content. 


In its formative years, the Astronist Institution initially heavily relied upon external organisations and websites to promote and develop Astronism, but after a series of affectuation events, the policy of the Astronist Institution leaned towards internalisation; this became known as the internalisation strategy. The internalisation strategy, or internalisationism, involved an approach in which all Astronist content was to be produced and platformed in-house rather than being dependent upon external entities. This strategy was undertaken due to numerous instances in which content regarding Astronism on third-party websites was hacked and deleted without the ability to retrieve it. 

Dead-Alive dichotomy

The Dead-Alive dichotomy emerged directly following and as a result of the Essences of Astronism theory. It implores the protection of knowledge about Astronism and states that Astronism's survival is fundamentally predicated upon the four manifestations and the correct management of the four orientations. It expresses that any concept or belief within Astronism that is not continually manifested is dead and that any conceptual of Astronism that is not correctly oriented is in danger of becoming dead. It states that the aliveness of Astronism is in direct proportion with the extent to which manifestations vary and the frequency of such manifestations. The Dead-Alive dichotomy can be applied to all types of religions and philosophies.

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